The Best Products to Improve your Game this Summer
If you are looking to shoot lower score this summer then here is a list of training aids that will help improve your game. Keep in mind that these products will not magically transform your game but rather assist you while you practice. 

The DST Compressor
This training club is used by over 400 of the top golfers in the world to make their hits crisper. It comes in two models, the bent-shaft compressor and the new straight-shafted model both of which force your hands into a position that make you lead the club face through impact and control it until after the ball was struck. It allows you to feel the sensations and movements of a perfect ball strike each time ensuring repetition that leads to muscle memory. 
Is a collection of various golf game improvement tools. Some of our favorites being the Perfect Tee which features their patented Diamond Shape Shaft, described like "Hitting Off Air." It is durable, enviromentally friendly, and does not produce any unwanted spin. the Anti Sway Pro will help correct your sway that is the most common cause of miss-hits and less-than-perfect ball contact for amateurs. It gives you instant and simple feedback, almost better than an actual golf lesson! 
Laser Golf Cap 
For only $50 you can get the one size fits all hat that has a laser on the bill. It will help you focus on the ball and keep your head still. Wear it while you practice your chips and putts and notice immediately when you move your head, noting the red laser that will indicate the players address and stance by the pinpoint line.
With SkyTrak you can own a personal launch monitor and golf simulator for an affordable price of just $3,000 for the complete package. This will help you gain knowledge and insight on your ball flight, distance, and ultimately lower your scores without even going to the course. It has instant 3D visualization and connects wirelessly with devices. 
The Most Important Stretch in Golf is acclaimed to be the best new swing trainer and exercise tool in Golf with PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour Professionals using it. IT is a  3-in-1 tool that focuses on stretch, stretching your shoulders, back, and hips. Swing, bettering a more consistent inside to out swing plane, elbow locked through extension, and hinge wrist properly. Exercise, strengthening  shoulders and upper body by doing reps, pushing up the sliding handle while keeping resistance on band. Lastly, repetition to create muscle memory. 

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