Latest in Golf Fashion Technology
Chase54 has just took their highest quality and most fashionable men's golf polo to the next level! While play a round on Hyannis or the Old Barnstable Fairgrounds you want to be focused on your game rather than what you are wearing. Chase54 has made it their mission to create golf apparel that is both stylish and functional. This past week they announced their latest innovative feature, the STAY COLLAR. The STAY COLLAR will not only keep your collar looking sleek and clean but it will keep it in place ensuring your attention does not waiver during tee off. 
When the Chief Designer and Creative Director of Chase54, Lulu Faddis, was asked about this latest development she said, "I've seen a lot of collar stays over the years and nothing compares to the unwavering collar a Chase54 polo provides. Not only is it an exclusive detail we've been known for, it's an example of how we do details in the finest way. While we've known we could never create the perfect collar, we feel we are well on our way by supporting our mission 'for the pursuit' of perfection." 
Lulu Faddis is right when she says a lot of top brand polo feature a collar stay feature but Chase54's latest technology features a high-quality metal that can be removed before washing, but if left in the shirt it will not rust. What may seem like a small insignificant detail will improve your look and play by a lot! 
Posted by admin at Jul 11, 2016 Category: Other