Cool vs Effective Shots

It's Better to Hit an Effective Shot, Than a Flop Shot

We have all seen Phil hit a flop shot out of the green-side rough. We have seen Bubba Watson hit his huge fade. We have seen Dustin Johnson hit a huge draw and split a fairway. But for the mid-high handicap golfer, should we even attempt these shots?

Here's where the argument of looking cool or hitting a useful shot comes in.

We have all been there, heavy rough 25 yards from the pin. Do we just pop it up and let it run with our 60-degree wedge or should you open up the face a little and take a full swing and flop it up next to the pin? You should probably just go with the safe route.

There are so many factors to a flop shot to actually execute one and impress your friends, the odds are slim. To actually make solid contact when the face is so open is the first struggle for the mid-high handicapper. We struggle enough to do that with a normal shot. The next struggle is swinging hard enough to get it in the air high enough to impress people, but also getting it to the pin.

The last factor of a flop shot that makes it hard is ball position. If you just line up with it in the center of your stance you will fail brutally. Here are a few tips for the next time you attempt one of these shots. If you’re on a tight lie, put the ball on back foot. If you’re in some deep rough, put it on front foot. Now try it and skull it over the green.

Hitting a good drive that actually lands on the fairway for the mid-high handicapper is a battle. Whether you are playing your drives with a mean natural slice or hook. It’s a struggle. For some hitting the ball straight and hitting a fairway is a win. So why practice fades and draws when you struggle to even hit the ball straight? Playing with ball position, grip and all the other factors that go into hitting a beautiful fade or draw are things no mid-high handicapper should play around with. Mid-high handicappers should really work on simpler aspects of their golf swing since there is probably a boat load of problems. And there is a good chance if your swing has some issues when it comes to driver, it also has some problems when it comes to your woods and irons.

When It comes to looking cool or hitting an effective shot, mid-high handicappers should always choose effective. Thinning a chip shot when you’re trying to get on the green, compared to bumping and running with your 8 iron and putting it within five feet of pin? You decide what is more effective. Yes, all these shots look really cool but your friends are probably going to be more impressed with a birdie than a flop shot that lands near the hole. When you’re a mid-high handicapper your friends will probably be convinced that flop shot you just hit was a mistake that just looked cool, not that you actually tried doing it.

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