Two Aces, One Hole

Pair of Scots Sink Aces on Same Hole

Playing in a golf tournament is a cool experience where you get to compete against good golfers, but also get to know some cool guys.

Now add on that to the golfer’s life long pursuit of a hole in one.

Every golfers dream is to get a hole in one, that is almost as cool as breaking 70.

Now imagine getting a hole in one at a tournament. After buying the whole field a round and getting high fives from everyone it would finally sink in.

The odds of getting a hole in one as an average golfer are 12,000 to 1. Those are some pretty steep odds.

So imagine sinking one on the same hole as your playing partner during a tournament.

That happened to two Scottish golfers while playing a match play event.

Mark Mcleod a one-handicap who is 28 years old, and Hugh Kinniburgh a four-handicap who is 63 years young did this recently at Lanark Golf Club in Scotland.

The hole was a bit downwind as they told and they both were on the tee both with clubs in hand.

Mcleod hit a wedge that appeared to be almost perfect, but because the green drops off on the back, when the ball disappeared they figured it was a bit too much and caught the back rough.

Seeing that shot Kinniburgh switched clubs and hit a shot pin high, same result, it kind of disappeared.

They both said nice shot and started walking toward the green to try and make a birdie or get up and down for par.

Well they got to the green with no balls in sight.

As most jokesters, Kinniburgh checks the hole as to say “maybe they are in there”.

More often than not, they aren’t. But on this rare occasion, they were both in the hole.

What a feat for the two golfers.

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