Steve Elkington picked a fight with Rory McIlroy on Twitter and lost

“Put that phone down.”

That is something we have all heard it from our parents and loved ones.

But it's tough to put your phone away for hours at a time when you have so much to do or worry about.

Just imagine being a PGA pro.

People calling, sponsors emailing and even fans tweeting things about you (positive or negative).

That could get stressful.

I can barely take my friends making fun of my terrible golf game, never mind some Twitter troll or even well known PGA Tour players.

So imagine someone telling you that you looked bored on the golf course, and your threshold for your career is a lot less than you think.

That happened to Rory McIlroy when Steve Elkington tweeted that exact thing at him.

Rory missed the cut at the U.S. Open after a really bad first round and a decent second round. Professional athletes should expect criticism when they fail to perform to some extent, but former PGA Tour pro Steve Elkington took it a step further in a tweet Friday night.

So Rory tweeted back a screenshot of his winnings and all his wins.

Decent come back from Rory. I mean he has more PGA Tour wins under his belt than I will ever have charity scramble tournament trophies.  

Rory obviously felt the heat from people, he shouldn’t be angrily tweeting at people. Whether that is because he is an athlete of “the gentleman’s game” or if people just see it as rude, he knew something had to change.

That thing that changed was his twitter password, and he doesn’t know the new one.

Rory gave his wife his phone and told her to change the password and not tell him so he couldn’t use it.

“I don't need to read it (tweets). It's stuff that shouldn't get to you and sometimes it does."

Mature move by Rory, lets hope this helps him get in the zone for The Open Championship and compete and make things interesting.

I don’t know about you but I am kind of bored with no names and non-stars winning.

Give me more Spieth, give me more Rory. 

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