Summer Golf Charity Tournaments

Pros and Cons of Charity Scramble Tournaments

Charity scramble golf tournaments are always a big part of the summer for golfers

Love them or hate them, they are always going to be on your busy summer schedule.

Whether it is the yearly tradition with the high school boys, or with some co workers, they are a must.

But like everything in life, they have their pros and cons.

Here are mine after playing in one too many this summer.


  • Fun for all: Even your buddy who only golfs on this day every year can have fun.

  • Friendly Competition: Best ball 100 yards out? Have a little closest to the hole competition with you buddies, bragging rights.

  • Good cause: Unlike some amateur tournaments, this money is usually going to a good cause, not a nonprofits pocket.

  • Easy: It is a relaxing 18 holes. You hit a decent amount of shots but for the most part it is not taxing. You aren’t walking, and you are not thinking much.

  • Scoring: Since it is a scramble, scoring comes a lot more often. Who doesn’t love scoring?

  • Hole sponsors: Nothing better than driving up to every tee box and looking at the sponsors and telling a story about every local business you recognize to your buddies.


  • Pace of play: Some of the rounds can be grueling long. Six hour rounds are tough no matter how well you are playing.

  • Vendors: Nothing worse then the guy on the par 5 ninth hole trying to sell you some cheap driver by allowing you to hit it. The club is junk and the employee never wants to be there.

  • Checking in: Yes, I paid, yes my team is here, yes I know my scorecard is on the cart already, yes I know I can buy raffle tickets.

  • Raffle tickets: Has anyone ever won anything? I get screwed every time…

  • Food: I have never had god food at one of these. It is usually edible, but not the best. I guess they assume the 12 beers you consume on the course could make anything taste good.

  • Putting: Nothing more frustrating than a 6-foot birdie putt with not a lot into it, and all four of you lip out or slide it by barely. You know you’re hitting that 9 times out of 10.

For the cause and the people running it, it's worth it.

Just don’t expect to play well and don’t expect to win and good things will happen.

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