Golf Trip Essentials

Five Essentials Things To Bring On Your Next Golf Trip

Golf trips may be every golfers favorite thing.

From getting out of the house for a few days, getting to golf everyday and hanging out with friends who have the same passion.

Golf is a fun sport, when you pair it with vacation, you can’t beat it.

Here are five essentials, you should pack on every golf trip.

  1. Multiple outfits

Even if you are only playing a few rounds. You need an outfit for every possible weather outcome. You come want to just pack shorts and get caught in a monsoon. And god forbid your playing partner packs the same polo as you. Showing up to course in matching polos is only cute with your partner, not friend.

  1. Dozen balls

Throw them in your carry on bag. You don’t want to be caught without balls before you 7 am tee time because the day before you lost all your balls. Plus, no one wants to pay pro shop prices for balls. Bring your own balls.

  1. GoPro

When on a golf trip. You get the beers flowing paired with golf that isn’t that meaningful, you just want to have a good time. No better way to capture all the fun and all the memories with a GoPro. Attach that baby to the cart and play on.

  1. Laptop

Looking for places to go for dinner, trying to find cheap tee times to places around your hotel. It is a lot easier on a laptop. Get off your little tiny screen and use your laptop. Plus, you can watch some Netflix or Hulu before you go to bed. Those ancient console TV’s in every hotel don’t have Netflix.

  1. Extra pair of spikes

If that curse word… Rain… does creep in mid round. Don’t let that ruin your week or however long you are on your trip. Bring an extra pair of golf shoes so the other ones have a few days to air out.

Going on golf trips is so much fun. Don’t make it a hassle by forgetting on of these important things.

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