Drinking Rules On The Golf Course

It's All About Golf Etiquette

Some people drink just as much alcohol at the golf course as they do at a bar, but there are a lot of differences.

Here are a few guidelines to drinking at the golf course.

  • Pace yourself: This kind of goes for anytime you drink. You don’t want to drink so much on the front nine that you can’t even stand, never mind make a putt on the back nine. Golfing should be more of a casual drinking event and if you get a small buzz, perfect.

  • Stay away from the hard stuff: Hard stuff equals a quicker drunk. Being drunk and trying to crush a golf ball down the fairway doesn’t really mix. Sip on some beers and enjoy the round.

  • Timing is key: 8 am tee time, doesn’t really matchup with a six pack of Bud Lights. If you are planning on drinking, it probably isn’t smart to start drinking on the second tee box. But that being said you don’t want to be getting loaded on the 18th green at dusk when you have to drive home soon/

  • Be classy: It probably isn’t the smartest idea to be chugging beers, icing your friends or shotgunning beers at the golf course. Not only is it obnoxious, you look like a idiot.

  • Be smart: Make sure to check with the course rules. Some courses say you can’t bring outside containers but don’t really enforce it. Some courses are cool about it no matter what. So if you are going to a new course and planning on drinking, check first.

Drinking and golf almost go hand in hand.

Use this guide before you head to the course for everything you need to know about drinking on the links.

Take it from a pro.

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