Tiger Woods Needs To Come Back ASAP

Tiger Woods "Stinger" Video

Tiger Woods is considered by some as the greatest golfer of all time. Yet he is in his 40’s and hasn’t been relevant in a few years.

That may be changing soon.

Tiger has got all his fan boys (including myself) all hot and bothered lately with his social media accounts. He was seen hitting pitch shots in August. All these videos have been on his Instagram account. And then in early October he broke the internet with a video of him hitting smooth iron shots. This got everyone hot and bothered.

But there was more where that came from.

On October 10th, he posted another video of him hitting iron shots with Kevin Chappell and the swing was looking more and more polished.

But the real crowd pleaser came on October 15th. People were ready to crown him the 2018 Masters champion after seeing this video. Tiger in his Sunday red, posted a video of him with a driver in his hands. And the internet went nuts.

With his Taylormade M driver in his hand, Tiger was seen making a clean pass of the ball and sending it down the fairway. His old coach and friend Hank Haney was asked about this swing. Haney said it is definitely a swing Tiger could win with.

In the tweet he said that it looked good, a little stiff but “good enough”.

With more rehab and time, maybe Tiger will be competing at a high level again. It isn’t the fact he might play again; it is the fact he is going to compete.

We all need some Tiger to win. Make Sundays Great Again.

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