Utilize the 19th Hole

Golf Is Great For Networking

Golf can also be the place for any business meeting, and may be more effective than the traditional conference room, but that business meeting doesn’t have to stop when the fairways run out and the scores are all counted up.

A round of golf provides a great outlet for social interaction, meeting new people or even catching up with old buddies.

The 19th hole is a great place to continue conversation, business ideas or even business deals.

You get about four hours to talk to whoever you are with when golfing. If you utilize golf as a way to meet like many companies are beginning to do, that meeting may need to last a little longer than the four hours and change 18 holes of golf lasts. This doesn’t mean you should cut it off and meet again another day.

Most country clubs have nice restaurants with gorgeous outdoor patios and delicious food. So offer them to come up to the club house and continue your discussions over a beer and keep them in the comfortable setting you are already in.

If you were to end it after 18 holes and agree to meet at the office in a week, he wont be the same guy in the meeting room at 7:30 am on a Wednesday as he was on the 1st green when you played with him.

Keeping customers and business partners comfortable and in an environment where they feel they can be themselves will offer up the most productive working/meeting environment.

I’m not saying get him drunk so he agrees to a deal he wont even remember, that is wrong.

But the casual conversation will flow over to the 19th hole and maybe after an hour there you will both feel comfortable with the time spent and come to an agreement. It may have taken days in a stuffy office with suits on to come to this agreement. But since you are on the golf course and having a good time, business is much easier.

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