Hit Better Drives Using Athlete's Footspray

Hit More Consistent Shots With This New Trick

One of the biggest problems high handicap golfers have, is that each hit is inconsistent. Whether you are hitting the ball high or low of the sweet spot with your driver, or you are missing it towards the toe or heel.

Next time you head to the driving range, stop by Rite Aid on your way. Pick up a can of spray on athletes foot spray. Because this spray is powder based, if you spray it on the club face of your driver it leaves a white residue on it.

But, because it is powder based, you can wipe it right off.

Most importantly, when you make contact with the ball, the ball will leave an impression where it hit the club face.

Not all of us have the technology to fancy devices that will tell us where on the club face we’re missing the ball. So when you get to the driver portion of your range session, take that spray and lay a nice little coat of it on your driver face.

Line up, take some practices swings and give the ball a ride. Now you have instant feedback to where you are hitting the ball on the face.

When you get instant feedback to where you are hitting the golf ball on the face you can make adjustments such as alignment and swing plane to start hitting the ball more on the center of the face where you will get the most distance and accuracy.

You can also do this with irons, although it may be harder since you dirt may rub off some of the spray.

Below is some pictures of where the ball hits the face for different handicap golfers:

(PGA Tour Pro) 

(15 handicap)

(30 Handicap)

If golfers can start consistently striking the ball in the sweet spot, their handicaps will plummet.

(All pictures via GolfWRX.com)

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