Millennial Golfers Need To Smarten Up

Millennials on the Golf Course

Millennials seem to be the talk of the town anywhere you go.

In the golf world, millennials seem to be public enemy number one with their laid back ways on the course.

The older golfers of America are having a hard time letting the game evolve, to make it more fun. But at some point, you have to calm down and that’s coming from a millennial.

Most of the funny videos we see on social media are just plain stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I am down for having fun, listening to music, drinking a couple cold ones, laughing and missing some putts.

Things like hitting people with carts was popular for a month and people thought it was funny.

In what world would you think hitting a kid with a cart as he swings funny. Not only that, if it happened to you you would be pissed.

People hanging onto carts and being dragged around is just flat out dumb. Jumping the carts out of sand traps is another thing. If you are going to ruin the course that people devote so much time to, stay home.

I am down for you jumping in the water. That doesn’t hurt anyone and you get the negative of the situation.

Standing on carts and hitting shots could ruin them and hurt yourself. I am not trying to lecture you like a parent and be annoying.

I just feel like as millennials who like the game of golf, we are writing the unwritten rules of the new game of golf.

If we want this to grow, we got to do it the right way.

Posted by admin at Oct 04, 2017 Category: Opinions
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